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Rehabilitation Services

Doctors at The Ability Clinic believe that exercise is medicine. It is the safest and most lasting way to make physical and mental changes to the body.

Physiotherapists here ensure that the exercises you perform are safe, high-yield, and as part of a lifelong program to ensure continued wellness.

Massage therapy is complimentary to this, especially in cases where adequate soft tissue release can’t be done at home.

We are not “boutique” and consider ourselves to be what the standard should be. No gimmicks. All evidence-based. As long as there’s a goal, we can work with you.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the only absolute contraindications to exercise are the following:


  • Recent heart attack within two days or other significant changes in ECG
  • Unstable chest pain, heartbeat, or heart failure
  • Recent inflammation to the heart or surrounding structures


  • Suspected or known tearing
  • Severe narrowing causing ongoing changes in heart rate and pressure


  • Recent blood clot to the lungs
  • Whole body infection with fever and other symptoms

Benefits of Therapy at The Ability Clinic

  • Direct billing to your insurer
  • Shared electronic medical record system with therapists and doctors
  • An individualized, active approach to rehabilitation
  • State of the art equipment and facilities
    1. DEXA body composition machine for before and after results
    2. Exercise equipment integrated with movement tracking and AI software
    3. Shockwave machine used by professional teams and Olympic athletes
  • Our approach to care is patient-centred, multi-system, and evidence-based with input from your doctors.
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  • Improved biomechanics
  • Postural realignment
  • Joint mobilization
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  • Strengthening eccentric to concentric
  • Stretching and active fascial release
  • Shockwave and functional acupuncture
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  • Mind-Body Awareness
  • Muscle reactivation
  • Balance and refinement
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