-Coming Summer 2024-

What is DEXA?

A Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machine uses x-ray to analyze body composition in terms of fat, muscle mass, and resting metabolic rate. This can also analyze bone strength, or bone mineral density, making it different from other conventional body composition scales or devices.

The machine

  • Quick – lasts 15 minutes
  • Painless – simply lie down
  • Open – not confining like a CT or MRI
  • Safe – no more radiation than a 1.5-hour flight


  • Bone strength – Assess bone mineral density to gauge risk for future fracture.
  • Muscle mass – Assess total skeletal muscle to gauge risk for sarcopenia/frailty.
  • Fat – Assess fat around internal organs which is a risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Goal setting – In-depth measurements of each part of your body including daily caloricneeds.
  • Monitoring – Gauge success of your treatment and rehabilitation for before and after


  • No calcium supplements 24 hours prior to test
  • No food 3 hours prior to test
  • Assessment with doctor both before and after your test
  • Call now to book your test!

Cost (Available June 2024)

First Scan $100

Second Scan $50

Additional Scans $75

Fee Schedule